How to make money on the internet as an online tutor


Making Money on the Internet—Online Tutor

Are you passionate about giving children the gift of education? However, due to some reason, you are unable to act on your passion. Whatever obstacle stands between you and your passion for teaching, you will soon be able to climb over it. How?

By taking up the profession of an online tutor, you will be able to share your knowledge with students who need that extra help in their studies. You will be rewarded for your efforts by making good, hard-earned money. Are you ready to begin your career as an online tutor? If you replied with a yes, keep reading to find out how you can build a successful career out of this online occupation:

Making Money On The Internet Online Tutor
Making Money On The Internet Online Tutor

What Should You Know About Online Tutoring?

A quick search on the internet about the hottest and most popular online careers will bring up several trending online occupations. On the list, online tutoring will be one of them. Online tutoring, with the assistance from advanced communication technology, has seen a worldwide growth. More and more people are keen on making easy money by becoming an online tutor.

The money is not the only pull, but the ability to reach outside of your vicinity is another advantage they see. For an online tutor, teaching someone located in another city, state, or even country is not an issue. They do not have to get on a plane to travel to the country to teach a student, but can do it in the convenience of their home.

However, the best part is yet to come. They do not have to look for a vacancy in the subject they aspire to teach. Since they work for themselves or through an organization, the can select the subject they want to teach, as their always be an availability.

They can also choose the grade level they are most comfortable to teach. If they want to tackle college level subjects because they know they got the skills for it, by all means, they are more than welcome to help make graduates out of the college-going students.

What Skills Do You Require?

If you are applying to become an online tutor, obviously, you have significant amount of knowledge about the subject you want to teach. However, you do not require a degree to become a teacher, but if you have a degree in teaching or in any other subject, it would give you leverage over other online tutors. If you are in the process of completing your education, you can work as an online tutor to pay off your student loans or get some experience in teaching before you set a foot in a classroom.

Qualities of an Online Tutor

As an online tutor, you have the responsibility of making sure your student understands the lesson. At times, you repeatedly have to teach them the same thing multiple times in order for them to understand the lesson completely. For that, you need to have extraordinary amounts of patience.

Under no circumstances can you lose your cool because a student keeps asking you the same question regardless of how many times he/she asks. If you are dealing with teenagers or small children, patience is a trait you must have, as they can be a challenge. Another trait that comes to mind is inspiration.

You have to inspire them to succeed and exceed their goals and your expectations for them. Having these traits will help you get noticed by other parents and students. If the topic of online tutoring comes up amongst parents and students, your name will be the first one mentioned. This will help you build a clientele, secure future clients, and build your reputation.

What Equipment Do You Need?

If your mind is set on becoming an online tutor, you will need to have the basic equipment required for the profession of online teaching. The obvious equipment is a computer. You will need to have a computer set up in your office or any other area of your house along with an active internet connection.

Once you have all of the equipment in place, you need to install video conferencing applications such as Skype in your computer. If you are working for a company who hires online tutors who work from home, you will need to install the software provided by them. For that, you might also need your computer to have a lot of memory.

On the subject of companies, some may require you to hold a degree or to have previous teaching experience. If you are going to be a self-employed online tutor, having a degree, as discussed before, is an added advantage.

How Many Hours Do You Have to Work?

Self-employed online tutors can establish their own hours they will work in a week. People who work as online tutors for a company, they will have to work according to the company’s schedule. Since you are working out of your home, companies may ask you what hours in a week you can work. If you want to work for a company and want the freedom to establish your own schedule, be choosy about the company you select.

Advertising Your Online Tutoring Talents

If you are working for yourself, you will have to rely on word of mouth to get your name out. Another route you can take is to advertise on sites such as Craigslist, spread the word through your social media accounts, and put up flyers in your neighborhood. You can even request local stores in your area to hand out the flyers to people that come into the store.

Pay Scale

The most important decision that influences most people when it comes to selecting an occupation is the pay scale. Here is what the pay scale for online tutoring looks like:

Pay per Hour

You can expect to make $10.00 to 40.00 per hour with a median average of $17.00.

Pay per Year

You can expect to make $18,000 to $63,000 per year with a median average of $37,000.

If you want to become a teacher in the future, like to work from home, or want to make easy money quickly, online tutoring is perfect for you.