How To Make Money Online As A Graphic Designer| Online Money Making For Graphic Designers

Making Money on the Internet –Graphic Designing

Graphic designing seems to have become a highly popular job these days as more and more people are opting to be freelancers in this field. With the rising trend of this online business, graphic designers seem to be facing loads of competition as well. However, there are tons of money making opportunities in this field and a few ways of making lots of profits online with graphic designing are mentioned below:

Create Your Very Own Website

A nice place to display the multitude of your graphic designs and layouts is on your personal website where existing and potential clients can get a taste of the style of your work. You can simply use the site to create a gallery display of your work online to attract future clients, and can also use it for selling your services as a graphic designer.

how to make money online graphics designer
how to make money online graphics designer

Use Social Media to Pump Traffic to Your Website

You can post banner ads on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to generate a sea of traffic towards your freelance website. Social media sites are an excellent way of getting word out there that you are a graphic designer and this is your business. A Facebook fan page can also be created.

Increase Your Client Base

Freelance graphic designers can use online platforms where they will be able to land more clients. These platforms help graphic designers to earn on an hourly basis. Some of these platforms for you to get started with your freelancing business of graphic designing are as follows:

  • Freelancer

  • 48HoursLogo

  • Elance

  • PeoplePerHour

  • oDesk

Bring in Some Money from Old Files If You Have Their Usage Rights

If you’ve been working as a graphic designer since years, you could have numerous loads of files containing old designs that are just lying around unused. Photoshop filters, themes, fonts, photos, logos and icon sets can be sold on online marketplaces such as Graphic Leftovers, Graphic River, and Theme Forest. One thing to keep in mind before starting to sell online is that you need to confirm that you hold usage rights as some graphics may be in the form of logos.

Monetize By Starting a Blog or Write an eBook

Start blogging since you have different ideas and techniques of using graphics. Monetize it and once the number of impressions starts escalating, you’ll get your pockets filling in with money. On the basis of the strength and relevance of your blogs, you may also be approached by other websites and blogs who will pay you in exchange of writing blog posts for them.

On your own blogging website, you could add social media buttons through which your blogs can be shared on networking sites. After establishing your blog, you can chalk down your expertise and vast knowledge about graphic designing into an eBook. Those who liked your blogs will be eager to purchase your eBooks as well.

Create Training Courses Online

As a graphic designer, you will be well versed in using software applications such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and the like. Use your skills to generate money. Set up online training courses and tutorials for a fee. You may need some audio and video editing skills though. You can then upload them onto revenue generating platforms.

Essential Duties and Tasks of a Graphic Designer

In order to be successful in graphic designing and make money online, a graphic designer will be required to perform the following tasks and duties:

  • Creation and development of graphics for brand identity with the inclusion of product illustrations, logos and visual imagery for websites.

  • Creation and assembly of graphics and images for the production of designs for print media, displays and productions.

  • Preparation of rough drafts and sketches on the basis of client briefs.

  • Selecting color and images.

  • Determining the size and arrangement of the text style, layout and other such forms of illustrative material.

  • Reviewing final versions of layouts before they are printed and published.

Skills Required To Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are required to possess proper understanding about layout and graphic designing skills. It is also greatly beneficial for them to be experienced in using design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, and others.

Educational Requirement for a Graphic Designer

In order to be working as a graphic designer, individuals should have a degree in either graphic designing, or in arts and design. It’s not a necessity, but master’s degrees and post graduate programs can be bonus point opportunities for individuals seeking a job in this field.

Clients may ask for degrees when graphic designing is done in the form of freelancing. But passionate individuals with a flair for graphic designing can add credibility to their business with prior designs and layouts, if any.

Pay Scale

In terms of an annual and hourly basis, an individual can expect to earn the following amounts with graphic designing:

Pay per Year

With online graphic designing, an individual can expect an average annual salary ranging from $29,700 to $58,700 with a median average totaling up to $40,400.

Pay per Hour

A graphic designer can expect to receive a per hour salary of $11 to $28 on an average and a median rate of $15 on per hour basis.

Graphic designers are presented with a large amount of opportunities for making money online and a few of them have been mentioned above. They can do so not only by utilizing their graphic designs, but also by using the skills required to be a graphic designer and draw profits in.