Making Money on the Internet – Blogging

Blogging can be a profitable way of pouring out an endless flow of thoughts for all those who are passionate about something. It is a great way to earn some cash especially for all those who love writing and expressing themselves about their hobbies and the things they are passionate about.

Individuals can choose to write for other bloggers as there are various online companies that are in constant search of writers for their respective blogs that are posted onto their websites. There are also a lot of companies who pay bloggers for writing their own blog posts.

Making Money on the Internet – Blogging
Making Money on the Internet – Blogging

Upon starting a personalized blog, writers can sign up for some ad services including Google AdSense, and which are famous for posting sponsored links that are normally located at the top of page.

The ad service starts functioning when readers start clicking on the ads. The more clicks received, the more money made. This technique is a good option for those seeking to make some extra money in addition to their current jobs. If you become the kind of blogger who writes well consistently, and your blog starts gaining popularity, you may be approached by different companies who you to promote their products.

Some Essential Tasks of a Blogger

A blogger is required to perform the following tasks to remain successful in the business of blogging:

  • Writing, editing, and proofreading posts

  • Adhering to specifications, brand style and standards

  • Effectively using keywords, SEO, framing and metadata in order to produce blog posts that can market themselves

  • Staying up to date on news, current trends and developments and competitors

  • Researching topics and writing blogs on them

Creating Your Own Blog

For individuals who want to create their own blog, here are some considerations that need to be kept in mind:

Establishing a Home Base

The first step is to find a host that provides server space to a site so that others are able to find the blogs on the internet. A free service can be chosen but opting for self hosting is recommended. Individuals will also need to choose a domain name for their website address.

Creating Valuable Content

When writing a blog, individuals must produce content that is valuable and informative to the readers, otherwise they won’t be visiting the website anymore. This is why it can take a while to get established with good blogs and this is also the reason why it can take some time before the income starts streaming in.

Building Relationships

Alongside the creation of good content, one key factor bloggers must pay attention to is the building and creation of genuine relationships using the power of social media. This can be done through fan pages and discussion forums.

The key is getting to know the readers and interacting with them in a friendly and approachable manner because of the following reasons:

  • This is helpful in establishing a solid reputation of a trustworthy and generous writer

  • The more people are aware of the individual’s blog, the more visitors they will have on their website, and the more income they will be likely to generate.

Branching Out

Bloggers can use not only blogs to generate income, but they can also grow and develop their platform by bringing in income by writing eBooks and articles. Readers will be more likely to be captivated with an enhancement in variety.

Selecting and Implementing Income Streams

Trying to monetize on blogs before first setting up a strong and trustworthy platform is never a good option as without a good base, bloggers may risk a very poor start. Top bloggers utilize a larger number of techniques to monetize their blogs and a few of the methods are mentioned below:

Affiliate Marketing

This method relates to bloggers promoting the products and services of others and earning a commission whenever the readers click on the affiliate link for making a purchase. They can obtain a percentage of ranging anywhere from 5% to 50% and more depending on the company whose products or services they are promoting through their blog posts.

Advertising Banners

This method makes use of a rectangular graphic which is displayed either on the top or on the bottom of a website. It can also appear on the left or right sidebar. The purpose of these banners is to make visitors go to the advertiser’s website from the host website.

Some networks may require bloggers to join a CPM program if their visitors exceed 250,000 a month. In this case, a blogger can earn about 0.3 cents per impression or a CPM rate of $3. So, for example, for every 100,000 impressions on a per month basis, a blogger can expect to earn $300.

Pay per Click

This method is used to direct traffic to websites and advertisers pay bloggers or website owners whenever their ad receives clicks. Its effectiveness is dependent upon the number of visitors as well as the placement of the ads. Through AdSense, bloggers can receive up to 68% of the amount that advertisers pay on the basis of per click.

Skills Required To Enter the Field Of Blogging

On working with a company, a blogger is required to have an excellent command of the English language and is also required to be an excellent communicator in writing. Bloggers should be familiar with and knowledgeable about using HTML, basic coding, SEO, and other such web publishing languages. Bloggers must also be able to write blog posts in an interesting manner that can capture the interest of readers.

Educational Requirement for a Blogger

In order to work as a blogger for a company, one should have a degree in professional writing, English, marketing, or any other such related field. However, writing is an art form, and if you are really good at it, you can use your work to make up for the lack of a degree.

Pay Scale

With the online business of blogging, an individual can expect to earn the following amounts of money in terms of an hourly and annual basis:

Pay per Hour

On an average, a blogger can make around $10 to $30 per hour, with a mean average of up to $15.

Pay per Year

A blogger can get an average salary of $23,600 to $70,400 on a per year basis and a mean average totaling up to $40.

Blogging is an effective way of reaching out to a broad based target audience and once bloggers learn the art of combining good money making methods with exceptional quality blogs, they can earn a great amount of money.